“Making this film might be the most fun I’ve had in advertising." -Jesse Blatz, Creative Director

          “Making this film might be the most fun I’ve had in advertising. It’s proof that if enough people fall in love with a simple idea, not even a global pandemic can stop it. And whether it’s at the grocery store or a cosmic battle for human existence, parking sucks and everyone knows it.”- Jesse Blatz, Creative Director at Team One

          Lexus and Marvel Entertainment are back in Super Hero action. The first-ever Lexus IS 500 F SPORT Performance doesn’t exactly give you otherworldly superpowers, but close. As the exclusive automotive partner of Marvel Studios’ Eternals, Team One helped Lexus launch “Parking Spot” starring Kumail Nanjiani and helmed by directing duo Anthony and Joe Russo. Lead character Kingo has to solve a very human problem before he can join the epic Super Hero battle happening downtown—finding a safe parking spot. Lexus and Marvel last collaborated to pair the 2018 Lexus LC 500 with Marvel’s dynamic Black Panther character. Eternals premieres in theatres on November 5th.

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