Working with Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, we created the world’s first tattoo ink composed of carbon from a motorcycle burnout. The carbon was carefully extracted from a sample of a burnout created by freestyle motocross icon Carey Hart on his modified Indian® Scout®. Now, motorcycle enthusiasts can bond with the Indian Motorcycle legend like never before.

          Hart himself received the first tattoo with Indian Motorcycle Ink, opting to have his son’s name emblazoned on his neck. “There will always be a bond between my son, myself, my motorcycles—my whole family,” said Hart. “It’s pretty cool to be the first person who has their motorcycle tattooed in their skin.”

          The safe and sterile ink from Hart’s burnout was distilled by ink-making pioneer, Franco Vescovi of Nocturnal Ink. Franco brings decades of top-quality ink manufacturing experience to the table, ensuring the product is sterile and safe. The carbon simply acts as a pigment carried by the alcohol suspension. In fact, many black inks on the market use carbon as pigment. Ours just happens to come from a smoldering motorcycle tire and a smoking tailpipe.

          Indian Motorcycle Ink is being used exclusively at Vescovi’s Vatican Studios in Lake Forest, CA, and at four Hart & Huntington Tattoo shops in Las Vegas, Orlando, Niagara Falls and Nashville until they run out—and the ink is gone forever.

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