Memories in Six

          A famous writer once said that any great story can be told in six words. Taking this as a challenge, The Ritz-Carlton and Team One created “Memories in Six,” a series of videos featuring stories from guests, brought to life using a variety of animation styles.

          An extension of the brand’s Let Us Stay With You® campaign, these animated videos celebrate genuine acts of kindness and consideration so surprising that they were remembered long after the hotel stay ended. These experiences were created around the world by the Ladies and Gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton, a group empowered to use their creativity to deliver a memorable experience that lasts a lifetime.

          “Telescope” masterfully animates the story of an ingenious marriage proposal made possible by the Ladies and Gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton near Manhattan’s Central Park.

          “Ballerina” uses cut-paper animation to tell the story of how The Ritz-Carlton fostered one little girl’s love of dance at its hotel in Tenerife, Spain.

          “Camera” replicates watercolor brush strokes to animate a story from Muscat, Oman, where two intrepid Ritz-Carlton Gentlemen dove underwater to successfully rescue a guest’s camera lost at sea.

          “First Day” brings to life the story of two young children staying with their parents at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo. A perceptive Lady at The Ritz-Carlton sensed their nervousness about starting at an unfamiliar school so she found the siblings Japanese lunchboxes, which she filled with stickers and friendship bracelets they could share with their new classmates.

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