Facebook 1000 to 1

          The first step in being persuasive is being relevant. And thanks to Facebook, we know more about our customers than ever before. To show how the NX delivers utility without sacrificing style, we used Facebook data in a way no brand ever had. Facebook’s unparalleled ability to target by individual interest and affinity let us segment the Lexus NX target by demographic details, interests, geographical location and vehicle affinity. Team One worked closely with Facebook to hone in on users’ specific interests so that we could create messaging for them that wasn’t just relevant, but hyper-relevant.

          The next step? Creating 1,076 unique ads that reached millions of people in a way that mattered specifically to them. While the results looked effortless, pulling it off took an unforgiving mix of hard work, technical ingenuity, flexibility and strategy. In the end, we had a campaign that was highly engaging for consumers and both efficient and effective for Lexus. Where’s the “like” button for that?

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