The Legacy Lab: A Roadmap to Lasting Brands

          "Legacy is earned in the present, not borrowed from the past."

          In 2012, when marketers of pedigreed brands were challenged with whether the past or the present mattered more to consumers, the Strategy department at Team One reconsidered the problem. Instead of relying only on the appeal of the past or the present, we set out to explore the idea of creating a legacy in the “age of now.”

          Our innovative research, multigenerational and cross-cultural in scope, examines the different aspects of legacy for people consuming in today’s modern world: authoring lasting legacies that matter, assembling legacies that stay vital and creating artifacts that give the past a present and a future.

          While history continues to have a place, we found that it is the ones who are writing history every day—not the ones simply reading from it—that will tend to thrive for generations to come.

          For more information on The Legacy Lab—what we have learned and what we continue to learn—please visit or contact Mark Miller, Chief Strategy Officer:

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