We are all curious.

          This idea was the spark that ultimately led to an entirely new brand platform for Lexus, “Our Greatest Curiosity” that will live at the heart of “Experience Amazing”.

          You’d think a car company’s greatest curiosity would be a machine. And if you were talking about our German competition, you’d probably be right. These are brands that prioritize engineering, numbers, and figures over the human experience.

          But every idea Lexus has ever had, every detail they’ve ever crafted, and every decision they’ve ever made, has started with a human insight. This ethos runs through every part of the Lexus brand, from a Chief Engineer in Japan to a Parts & Service Technician at your local dealership. All driven by the same innate curiosity to find powerful answers to profound human questions.

          This human-centered point of view will carry the brand forward, influencing model launches, sustaining work and sales events in the years ahead.

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