Expedia Companions

          In 1996, Expedia revolutionized the world of travel when it “turned the screen around” and empowered travelers to browse and book their own trips. But, as the world of travel grew, so did the complexities of booking and taking trips. For many, the feeling of empowerment and control that once came from DIY booking has become “click and hope it all works out.” The category came to prioritize transactions, not travelers. Travelers had always feared being left on their own if things went sideways pre-pandemic, and COVID-19 made those fears a reality on a massive scale.

          It is time for Expedia to raise the standard of travel again. As travelers emerge into a new world of travel, Expedia debuted an all-new global brand positioning and creative campaign that makes its commitment to travelers clear. Expedia’s ambition is to be the companion that has travelers’ backs throughout their journeys, freeing them to dream bigger, worry less, and experience more.

          Expedia is no longer a travel company; they’re a traveler’s company that will be with them every step of the way.

          Great companions make for great trips. The travel booking world is no different. Expedia aims to raise the standard of travel by becoming the ultimate travel companion—someone who is well-traveled, witty, and optimistic—someone you would trust with your trip. Who better to represent this companion than Rashida Jones? We picture a traveler going at it alone while she’s singing the famous Eric Carmen song “All by yourself”. Everything is going wrong but luckily, she booked with Expedia, personified by Rashida who comes in and makes everything right in the travel world. Expedia can upgrade your room, translate foreign language hotel signs to help find your hotel or just help you find the best trip.

          After this commercial debuted at the Oscars in the US, it aired in Mexico and Canada. A bespoke version created specifically for the UK and Germany featured Naomie Harris as the travel companion and face of Expedia.

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