Prachi Priya

          Chief Data Officer

          At Team One, I oversee the agency’s consolidated Data & Analytics team across all six of our offices. With over 18 years of success conceptualizing, developing and delivering best-in-class analytics solutions, I ensure that the company’s products and capabilities are ahead of industry trends by archetyping the next generation of data strategy, analytics and partnerships.

          “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” —Dr. Seuss

          Before data became “cool,” I pioneered some of the earliest advancement in the space and helped companies like Hyundai, Shell, and Microsoft find ease and avoid over-architecting informed solutions. I’m always ready to roll up my sleeves and dig into details, while also keeping strategic intent top-of-mind and leveraging the latest advancements in analytics.

          I’m a goal-oriented thought leader, and I firmly believe in un-complicating the complicated. That’s my mantra and I am skilled at coupling technical acumen with storytelling abilities to articulate business value.

          I excel at building relationships, helping organizations become innovative and modern, and adopting the mindset that it‘s okay to lean into data and technology as a competitive advantage, while preserving the legacy upon which a company was founded.

          Prior to joining Team One, I held various leadership roles, both on the agency- and business-side, at global firms like Wunderman Thompson, UnitedHealthcare, and Life Time Fitness, where I helped drive growth and strategic consumer relationships.

          I also currently serve on the I-COM advisory board and collaborate with industry leaders to develop best practices in data-driven marketing. When I am not working, I enjoy traveling with my family, reading, competing on my Peloton and supporting women’s entrepreneurial organizations.

          Previous clients

          Hyundai / Genesis


          University of California, Irvine


          Southern California Edison (SCE)

          Honda / Acura

          Starwood Hotels (now Marriott)

          Ford Motors

          Previous employers

          Wunderman Thompson

          Life Time Fitness


          The Lacek Group (Ogilvy)