Cait Drury

          Chief Talent Officer

          From Saatchi LA by way of Ireland and Australia, I am immensely proud to have led the Talent Team at Team One for four years. I am proud to have been here when we were voted one of Ad Age’s best places to work.  I have loved that we have been able to bring in programs like TeamProv, Womens Speak, Leading at the Speed of Trust, Strengths Finder and many others.

          I believe in creating a culture where ideas and talent can flourish. My time on the marketing side, blended with my HR and Coaching experience, gives me a perspective where I can balance the goals of the organization and the talent.

          Great leaders trust their strong convictions to direct them to the right path, regardless of the obstacles they face, while remaining open and flexible.

          I love to see people accomplish things they never thought they were capable of.  I love the diversity of humankind and believe that we are all inextricably linked.  Instinctively, I am keenly aware of people’s unique traits and sometimes urge, coax and even demand that individuals do whatever it takes to reach their goals!

          I think I have a delicious sense of irony which may often be misinterpreted for sarcasm!

          I have a passion for music and literature and sing Soprano in a wonderful choir.

          I believe in equality.

          I don’t believe in prejudice of any kind, unless it is people wearing shorts and UGG boots and then I can get a little judgmental.

          Previous clients


          Previous employers

          • Saatchi & Saatchi LA
          • InterDent
          • Media One
          • Mount Cook Tours
          • Tourism Victoria, Australia