Welcome Back Wanderlust! June 2021


          By Agency Marketing Group on June 14, 2021

          Travel Tales Featuring Team One SLASH Award Recipients

          In lieu of traditional trophies and sabbaticals, each year Team One awards a number of peer-nominated employees a SLASH Award; the highest recognition a Team One employee can garner. Each recipient is rewarded with one week of paid leave and up to $5,000 to have an experience that nurtures their creative spirit and helps them to generate fresh ideas. We’ve handed out 63 of these awards to date (including 6 awards in 2020) These are just a few of their stories.

          As travel carefully re-opens and the wanderlust-ful among us have begun to browse and book our first post-COVID trips, we’re in a position now to look back on our past treks and travels with a newfound appreciation for the impact they made on our lives and the adventures that ensued. In the spirit of our nostalgia and to kick off the summer travel season, we’re proud to spotlight a few of Team One’s most purposeful trips and the people who took them.

          Turning Off and Tuning In: Discovering Culture, Cuisine and Connection in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam

          Q&A with Claire Allman, Content Producer at Team One

          “No matter how far away from home you are, we are all intertwined and overlap.”

          What do you ‘do’ at Team One?

          [CA] As a Content Producer I am responsible for managing content from conception to delivery, including vendor sourcing when needed, budget assessment and management, scheduling/overall timelines, and general coordination and collaboration across all involved parties and stakeholders.

          How did it feel to be nominated for a Slash Award? 


          Tell us about the relationship you have with your colleague(s) who nominated you for a Slash award?

          I know the identity of one person who nominated me for sure, but was told it was several people. Craig Crawford (Executive Creative Director at Team One) was definitely on that list. Craig has been a champion of my career since I was a Production Coordinator, and I couldn’t be more grateful. He was the creative lead on my very first production, saw me tackle my first sales event, and has been a real mentor to me.

          How did you choose your trip location?

          I wanted to go somewhere completely different from places I have visited before that were outside of my comfort zone. For me, that meant somewhere I don’t know the language, am unfamiliar with food, and do not know much about the history/culture. I also wanted to completely remove myself from work during this trip. I have a hard time stepping away, so finding a location in a drastically different time zone was key. I chose Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. These three locations fit the bill!

          What intentions did you set for your trip?

          To come back feeling rested, charged, and with a greater understanding of the world.

          What was the best moment of your trip?

          Oh gosh – so many highlights. Visiting an elephant sanctuary, feeding the animals and bathing them was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Going to the Vietnam War Museum with my dad who was a part of the draft (his number was 257) was one of the most chilling experiences of my life. Zipping around through Ho Chi Minh (previously Saigon) on the back of Vespas, going to local restaurants and trying out the authentic cuisine all come to mind as core memories that I’ll never forget.

          Tell us a little bit about your itinerary.

          I broke my trip into three categories: nature, food, and culture. To fulfill my first category, nature, I went to remote locations in Thailand to experience natural beauty, wildlife, and scenic adventures. I learned about native animal species, plants, as well as the devastation pollution has brought upon the culture. Category 2 was food. As part of this phase, I added some of the most well-known locations in Thailand and Vietnam to my itinerary where I tasted the specialties of each local cuisine. The third category of my itinerary was culture (and history). Throughout my trip, I immersed myself in learning about the very recent and tragic histories of both Cambodia and Vietnam. So much of what happened in the past 50 years in both countries is still present in the daily lives of people who live there year-round.

          What did you learn on your trip and how did your perspective at work change when you came home?

          No matter how far away from home you are, we are all intertwined and overlap. I remember we had a tour guide one night in Vietnam, who took us around to local food places. As she and I got to talking, we realized we were both 25 at the time, both producers, and both specializing in video content for brands. Her passion was food (just like me) and she was a middle sibling with a brother 1 year older, a sister 6 years younger (also just like me). She and I both majored in English (although that is much more impressive for her, because she didn’t grow up speaking the language), and she and I were both looking to rescue a dog at the time. Across the world, I found my twin!

          I don’t recall my perspective at work “changing” per se, but I definitely felt like I came back with more of a view of the world, and a better understanding of what is out there, which undoubtedly improved what I am able to bring into Team One every single day.

          How has travel impacted your life?

          Travel has taught me to be more grateful and much more aware. It has helped me stress less about the little things.

          What advice do you have for others looking for inspiration at work?

          Be daring – do something totally new and different. Open your perspective.

          About the Team One SLASH Awards

          2020 marked a decade since the first SLASH awards were handed out. We created them in 2010 to sharpen our focus on launching remarkable ideas into the world. Awarded once a year, the SLASH Award is the highest recognition a Team One employee can garner. Think of it as a modern version of “employee of the year.” 

          The name SLASH is a reference to how major contributors are listed in creative awards credits – with a slash between names. This idea inspired our annual award, as its Team One recipient – recognized by their colleagues – represents the most inspirational examples of extreme collaboration in the service of remarkable ideas. 

          In addition to earning the glory and admiration from all T1’ers, each SLASH Award recipient is rewarded with one week of paid leave and up to $5,000 to have an experience that nurtures their creative spirit and helps them to generate fresh ideas.