Team One and LMU Celebrate Fifth Year of Joint Apprenticeship Program


          By Agency Marketing Group on July 31, 2019

          This year, Team One welcomed the fifth group of apprentices from Loyola Marymount University (LMU). To mark the occasion, we’re sharing the backstory of the Apprenticeship Program.

          Each summer, Team One’s apprenticeship program accepts a group of 4 to 6 students to come learn first-hand about what it’s like to work at an advertising agency. LMU’s M-School, a selective program for undergraduate marketing majors, situated just 10 minutes away from Team One in Playa Vista, equips students with skills to thrive in the evolving world of branding and advertising, so it’s a perfect match.

          With an already growing knowledge of the industry, qualified students apply in the spring for the opportunity to join one of Team One’s core departments at its Los Angeles HQ—from marketing to strategy to media to accounts—as a full-time apprentice between May and August. 

          Team One’s talent director, Amy Small, helped create this program, along with executive creative director Alastair Green. Small says, “It’s more in-depth than an internship and really gives both the candidates and the teams a chance to see if there is a good fit in skill set and also culturally.”

          Students are given a variety of projects, such as attending client meetings, compiling social reports, and constructing research decks for their teams, and have real responsibilities that reflect back to the clients. One past apprentice has said that “having this large of a responsibility to create something for the clients made me feel important and confident in the work I was putting out.”

          “I knew little about what account management was before I applied to this apprenticeship,” says Ceceli DaRosa, a 2018 account management apprentice, discussing the impact of the program. “However, I gave it a shot and it turned out to be the best thing that’s happened to me. Without this apprenticeship, I would not be pursuing an account management career.”

          Aside from gaining priceless practical experience, apprentices also get a taste of Team One’s company culture. Lexi Haskins, a project management apprentice, says, “I have made friends for life through this apprenticeship.” 

          Current new business and agency marketing group apprentice Haley Hoffman says, “When going through a program with more responsibility than a typical internship, it’s really helpful to be part of a group of students to brainstorm and bounce ideas off each other.”

          Apprentices are encouraged to not only learn from what their fellow apprentices are working on, but to develop relationships with Team One employees working in other departments. Even after leaving the program, DaRosa still reaches out to her Team One connections. “You never know when you are going to need help or vice versa, and it is always good to form connections,” she says.

          Since the start of the program in 2015, Team One has hired several apprentices full-time following the program, and both Team One and the M-School remain excited about what the future of the apprenticeship program will bring. Head over to Team One’s Instagram account this week to check out the 2019 summer apprentice takeover.

          Team One’s 2018 apprentices (L-R: John Sherman, Lexi Haskins, Ceceli DaRosa, Alison Taplin, Grace Chorneyko). Photo: Matt Hartz for Team One