April Fools’ Day has become a major cultural event, with consumers actively searching out hoaxes and news organizations eager to spread the word. And with so many people already talking, we saw an opportunity to make sure the conversation was about Lexus.

          So Lexus, the company that takes itself very seriously 364 days a year, decided to take the day off and introduce the world to its latest innovation: the Variable-Load Coupling Rear Orientation system. In other words, a Velcro®-covered driver’s seat.

          For the joke to work, we had to stay in character as long as possible. Imitating our own technology videos, we even used the same Lexus expert to announce the breakthrough. Team One shot a video for YouTube, created print for social media and even redid the Lexus homepage. In all, we produced over 50 pieces of unique content, all to support the hoax.

          Our efforts really stuck with our audience: 1.5 million video views. 736,00 likes, shares and comments. Plus, features on ABC’s This Morning America and NBC’s Today show, and mentions in over 100 news articles, five times more than any other car brand’s April Fools’ Day efforts.

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