The Global Affluent Tribe

          In 2010, while facing flat or declining budgets, many marketers were struggling to expand globally while maintaining their base of affluent loyalists. The Strategy department at Team One reframed the problem. Instead of looking at traits that divided affluent consumers, we looked for the insights that united them.

          Our pioneering research program has been, and continues to be, very comprehensive in design. We have examined the lives of affluent people living across the United States, Western Europe, Japan, Brazil, China, India, Russia and the Middle East. In our study, we have unearthed a Global Affluent Tribe that shares values in common, themed around the notions of mobility, success, status, belonging and consumption.

          While the world remains a large and diverse place, Global Affluent Tribe members are truly connected by what they love more than by where they live.

          For more information on the Global Affluent Tribe study—where we have been, where we are going and what we are learning along the way—please contact Joanna Young, Group Director of Strategic Planning:

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