Let Us Stay With You®

          Most hotel brands ask guests to step into their world, stay for a while, and then they bid them farewell until the next time they need a room. Instead, for The Ritz-Carlton, Team One’s strategists created a new value equation by asking, What did a guest really gain from the experience? What made it meaningful? In a world where even luxury brands stand for the same thing, if an experience is truly rare and special, guests will pay more – happily. The resulting campaign, “Let Us Stay With You” went far beyond ads. It expressed the value of meaningful experiences that last a lifetime and transformed the meaning of the relationship The Ritz-Carlton builds with its guests. Instead of asking guests to stay at the hotel, we asked permission to stay with them. Instead of giving them their money’s worth, we would give them their memories’ worth. Our campaign focused on something far bigger and everlasting than a typical stay at a hotel; it spoke to the enduring value of treasured memories. Beyond a typical advertising campaign, we inspired the entire company,for whom “Let Us Stay With You” has become a rallying cry for The Ritz-Carlton and its Ladies and Gentlemen around the world.

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