Every March, 70 million brackets are filled out on various sports websites by rabid college basketball fans. With hundreds of corporate sponsors every season, getting fans to notice your brand is a daunting challenge. Which is why Lexus decided to try something new. Instead of sponsoring a bracket on a sports website like everyone else, we gave them another bracket—one with a twist. With Yahoo, we created GS F The Bracket, an entirely new bracket game. Rather than picking which teams would win each game, fans predicted which match-ups would be the fastest to go from 0 to 60 points, inspired by the 4.5-second 0-to-60 time of the GS F. Yahoo had millions of traditional college basketball brackets filled out on their site. And every time a fan finished their bracket, they were invited to play GS F The Bracket.

          With TV and social supporting the effort, 65,000 people signed up and continued playing and engaging for three weeks, making GS F The Bracket the most engaging branded college basketball bracket in the history of Yahoo. The bracket generated 166 million media impressions and 54 million earned media impressions. The video we created to announce the bracket received 23 million impressions.

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