December to Remember

Team One and Lexus Launch Annual “December To Remember” Sales Event


The Art of Listening

BY Greg Sandberg ON April 20, 2017

“I’m sorry. What was that? I was busy making my point and preparing for my follow-up…”

Guilty, huh? You are not alone. Most of us focus on what we have to say. Our reasons are varied: to demonstrate we have a strong point of view; to organize our thoughts; or to simply sound more intelligent than the other person. We spend so much energy on one-half of the conversation that we miss opportunity upon opportunity to learn, grow or collaborate.

It’s understandable.

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How To Be a Leader in the Workplace

BY Greg Sandberg ON April 5, 2017

As a Management Director at Team One, Publicis Groupe’s premium and luxury brand agency, I have attended, and led, my fair share of workshops, conferences and development programs. Always a major discussion point is, What does it actually take to be an effective leader within a company?

Why? Because you and your company are better when dedicated, talented and engaged leaders surround you. Each day becomes more rewarding and you will likely have fewer headaches associated with employee turnover.

So, here it

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Mentoring USC Marshall School of Business

BY Cynthia Pena ON March 21, 2017

One of the best things about LA is the young talent that’s all around us: interns, fresh creatives and even students in school. The prestigious colleges around us, provide the incredible opportunity to give back. Anytime we can share professional, advertising and luxury advice we’re all about it.

Team One Director, Experiential Marketing & Sponsorships, Damian Areyan, takes part by participating in USC’s Career Advantage Program (CAP).  The program is “offered through the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business,

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SXSW 2017

BY Cynthia Pena ON March 9, 2017

It’s that time of year! We’re off to Austin for SXSW and couldn’t be more excited. In addition to the BBQ and meet-ups, here’s what we’re looking forward to:

SXSW Job Market
We want to meet you! We’re on the ground looking for innovative, awesome people to join our team. Stop by the SXSW Job Market (at the Austin Convention Center) this Saturday, 3/11 and Sunday, 3/12 and come say hi! Give us your elevator speech, take a pen and hear about

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Hugo Boss hints at the unknown in sartorial look ahead

BY admin ON March 7, 2017

Image from Hugo Boss’ spring/summer 2017 campaign, LuxuryDaily.com

This article was originally posted in Luxury Daily on March 6, 2017.
Author: Sarah Jones

What’s the deal with HUGO BOSS this spring? Team One’s industry expert Joanna Young shares her thoughts with Luxury Daily. To read the full article head here.


Here’s How to Make the Transition from Manager to Leader

BY Tim Wettstein ON February 28, 2017

Nobody wants to be managed, or even worse, micromanaged. But people want to be led, guided and supported. If this is stating the obvious, I ask myself why we have some many managers in the workplace.

To me, here are six of the most important values that make up good leadership:

1. Trust your people and let go: This might be hard at first, but you’ve made some great hires and are surrounded by great people. Trust them to get the

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The Moonshot Speaker Series: John Tabis

BY Cynthia Pena ON February 10, 2017

Team One’s Moonshot Speaker Series powered by Inc., kicked off 2017 with speaker John Tabis, CEO of The Bouqs Co. Throughout the night, Tabis showcased how one Venice startup is disrupting the global flower industry and is now worth over $50 billion.

Focusing on farm to table bouquets, The Bouqs Co. cuts flowers the day you order them and ships from one of their farm partners. By only cutting what they sell, they’re able to reduce the extra waste and

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Team One Wins Two Silver Graphis Awards

BY Cynthia Pena ON February 8, 2017

Team One, Publicis Groupe’s luxury and premium agency has won two Silver Awards from the Graphis Competition. The winning campaigns for client Lexus include Quantico “The Takedown,” and the April Fools’ Day V-LCRO stunt. Both campaigns will be featured in the Graphis Advertising Annual 2017.

“The Takedown” was the first ever scripted broadcast scene in virtual reality, done with client Lexus and ABC’s hit show Quantico. The Lexus V-LCRO campaign creatively leveraged a major global cultural phenomenon – April Fools’ Day – to garner

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A new year, another CES

BY W. Joe DeMiero ON January 17, 2017

A new year, another CES.

Missed it?

No worries. Here are my misses and wins.


Not one.

Everyone was singing in unison that this year’s CES was about evolutions, rather than big device launches.

Of course, there were some cool advances in TVs, like the LG three-millimeter-thick 4K OLED TV. We also saw different form factors for screens, including the Razer 17-inch-screen laptop, which has two additional 17-inch displays that pop out on either side.

And now, a few wins.


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Team One Spotlight: Atlanta Office

BY Cynthia Pena ON January 4, 2017

Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Washington, D.C. and Dallas happen to be some of the most iconic and innovative cities in the world. Fun fact: Team One just so happens to have offices in each one of these cities! Pretty remarkable, right?

Today’s feature is all about Atlanta! Capital of Georgia, and home to many Team Oners, Atlanta has a great vibe and personality to it. Check out some of the incredible shots from around the city:

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