We are Team One.

We are a fully integrated advertising agency headquartered in Los Angeles, California, serving clients both local and global.

Now that description is fine if you’re a search engine, but it doesn’t tell you much in human terms. You should know that we’re not like most ad agencies. Most agencies are happy to work with whoever will hire them. To them, the bigger the client, the better. We do our best work for a particular kind of client. Look at the list of companies we work with. They have something in common and it isn’t size. They’re all what we call “aspirational brands.”

No one understands these kinds of brands, and the people who love them, like we do. Now you might be thinking, “Wait a minute. Lexus… The Ritz-Carlton … Häagen-Dazs … Aspirational? Don’t you just mean luxury?” If so, you’re only seeing part of the picture. Aspirational is as much about behavior as it is about luxury. Aspirational brands aren’t driven by status, or by mass appeal. They strive for the unique. As a result, they do things you’d never do if your goal were anything short of that. Aspirational brands sweat the details, because that’s what excites people.

We approach marketing the same way. Any idea that is less than remarkable is, frankly, a waste of clients’ money and our time. It’s been that way ever since we began, as a start-up built within Saatchi & Saatchi for the express purpose of launching Lexus. It’s easy to forget that in the beginning, they were a brand whose success was anything but a sure thing. Look at them now. Our knowledge of affluent customers worldwide is also helping to grow Häagen-Dazs and HSBC Premier. Aspirational isn’t always where you expect it to be. To us, the gaming company 2K is an aspirational brand. The incredible layers of the worlds of their games inspired us to create marketing that their fans go to tremendous lengths simply to unearth.

If you’re the rare client or talent who demands remarkable, let’s meet.

We launch
the remarkable.

We live in a totally connected world. Which means brands aren’t merely battling other companies for attention, they’re battling everything ever created, from da Vinci to Danger Mouse to dogs on skateboards. Into this maelstrom of creativity, great and not-so-great, we strive to launch remarkable ideas.

Remarkable literally means worthy of attention; striking. Synonyms include extraordinary, exceptional, amazing, astonishing, marvelous, wonderful, sensational, stunning and incredible. (Admit it, if you were a word, you’d kill to have synonyms like that.)

Not surprisingly, remarkable is hard. If it weren’t, everyone would be doing it. Remarkable doesn’t just get noticed, it stops people in their tracks and gets them to consider something they previously hadn’t. Remarkable punches above its weight. It can make a dollar spent on media work harder than a hundred.

Undaunted, we set out every day to launch ideas worthy of such a heavyweight adjective.

We do it for one reason: There’s no more powerful business tool than a remarkable idea.

Look at our work and see what remarkable has inspired.

is worth it.

This is something successful brands have always known.

It’s why, instead of cutting corners or imitating, they innovate. It’s why they embrace design and sweat the details, always demanding more of themselves. They don’t need to make their products the way they do; they simply wouldn’t do it any other way.

These brands are often described as passionate, restless and ambitious.

We call them “aspirational brands.”

As you might expect, they hold their marketing to the same high standard. And that’s a big part of the reason they work with us. Like them, we aim higher. We use the power of creativity to create worth for aspirational brands. Like theirs, our work shows remarkable devotion to detail, even in places few people can appreciate.

Aspirational brands know that working the way they do isn’t just inspiring, it’s profitable. Aspirational brands can charge a premium. And they can do it knowing that the kinds of customers they appeal to won’t merely accept this, they’ll embrace it.

Which is why it should come as no surprise that our clients consistently have the highest margins in their competitive set. We can’t take all the credit for that, of course, but we’re proud to say we helped.

Remarkable Together

Team One? Really? We admit, as a moniker for an outfit that’s all about remarkable ideas, Team One is a pretty unremarkable name. People here have moaned about it for years, but we stuck with it and now, we have to say, it describes what we do quite well.

We bring together people from all disciplines to collaborate as one team (get it?). Everyone brings intelligence and passion to the table, and earns a place by contributing ideas.

At this point, you may be asking, “who doesn’t work like this?” No one you’d want to work with, that’s for sure. But we do believe there’s a tremendous advantage to our having so many disciplines working together under one exposed industrial ceiling. You’ve heard how a hammer sees every problem as a nail? Well a lot of ad agencies still see every problem as a TV spot or website because that’s what they do best. We surround every problem with diverse thinkers skilled at everything from strategy to coding to graphic design, so we can create and execute ideas in whatever medium serves them best. We can also place those ideas precisely where they need to be. Even if that means closing Times Square to bring your idea to life in front of thousands of people. Yeah, we do that too. We just call it experiential marketing.

Our Clients

These are the aspirational brands we’re helping connect to the people who love them.  We hope to see your logo soon.