Anaheim Ducks Tap Team One

Written by Allison Citino on November 30, 2012


A cheerleader, a duck and Bruce walk into a bar….



The NHL Anaheim Ducks partnered with Team One to create an awareness campaign for the Premium Seating Experience, which includes a year-round entertainment selection in Orange County, with the Ducks at the core of the offering.


For the last 25 years, Team One has monitored the trends and development of the affluent consumer, which provides a deep level of expertise for any brand looking to promote a premium product today. A division of Saatchi & Saatchi, Team One is a full-service marketing communications agency and responsible for one of the most successful brand launches in history. Launching remarkable ideas, brands, products and careers is the agency’s hallmark.


“We are at our best when we apply our deep knowledge of connecting premium products and services with contemporary affluent values. So, it is with tremendous enthusiasm that we now get to apply our area of expertise to the sports entertainment marketing arena,” said Mark Miller, Chief Strategy Officer, Team One. “It is our aim to show how the Premium Seating Experience offers a return on engagement for Affluents looking to find the worth, even more than value, in the purchases they make.”


The Premium Seating Experience allows for the facility to provide not only the best seats for fans looking for a fuller entertainment immersion, but also other amenities, ultimately creating a uniquely different relationship for fans of the Anaheim Ducks.


“We are excited about the prospects of working with Team One and their creative staff,” said Ducks Chief Marketing Officer Aaron Teats. “This is a terrific opportunity for both parties and we are looking forward to a successful venture together.”


“When Wild Wing and Bruce Springsteen (of dubious authenticity) showed up in our agency lobby with a customized Team One hockey jersey, we were surprised and honored. These clients know how to do it right,” said Julie Michael, Executive Director at Team One. “This is a relationships business, and we felt an instant connection to these ambitious clients and their open style of working.  It will be fun to succeed in this effort together with them.  They have a great product to sell — a year round entertainment experience.”