Global Platform for The Ritz-Carlton

Written by Nick Teare on September 22, 2011

Anyone that knows me knows that I have one foot steadfastly in the analog world with a pile of newspaper and magazine articles always nearby.  I refer to the clips often, using headlines, data points and case study examples in presentations and the development of talking points for senior level Ritz-Carlton executives, in addition to trying to keep up and keep smart about the broader business and luxury context in which we operate.
I have to confess that recent clips present a confusing picture, and I find myself double-checking the dates as the news seems to change so quickly from day to day.  The headlines seem to bounce like the Dow Jones, with “Luxury Goods Continue to Shine” appearing the same week as “Affluent Consumer Confidence Drops -18%.”


It is in this environment that we launch “Let Us Stay With You,” the new global brand platform from The Ritz-Carlton.  And, perhaps our message about those things—especially those treasured experiences and memories–that “stay with you” throughout the various stages and changes in your life will find an added degree of relevancy and vibrancy in these rapidly changing times.  For even those of us helplessly addicted to the continually changing aspect of our business need some constancy, some place of refuge where we can land for just a few moments to stop, reflect on what is truly lasting and important, and to gain the kind of inspiration we need to push onward.


For more information about the campaign, visit the Saatchi & Saatchi global website and watch the platform video below.