Team One Loves GoPro

Written by John Dohrmann on August 24, 2011

We love these little cameras because they give almost everybody the ability to create exciting online content anywhere.

Team One Loves GoPro | Team One


GoPro’s are simple, durable little cameras you can attach to everything from helicopters to skateboards, and the quality of the video is remarkably good—more than adequate for online use. See for yourself in this 11-minute “ad” created by GoPro. Every shot is from one of their $300 cameras.


So far over 90,000 people have watched this video. Imagine, 90,000 people volunteering to watch an 11-minute product demo. That’s what makes digital/social/UGC/whateveryouwanttocallit so amazing.

The latest installment of Ken Block’s Gymkhana series makes brilliant use of the GoPro’s small size in this video that’s already been seen by 6,000,000 people. By stringing 30 of these little cameras together Ken’s production crew was able to pull off some amazing shots. Keep your eye out for the 6:27 mark in the video below. We dare you not to replay it a few times.

Here’s the rig that was used for that shot. (Thanks, Mark.)

Team One Loves GoPro | Team One


Is this the future of marketing? In some instances, yes. Now that everyone has the opportunity to shoot amazing high quality video there is a better chance that some of those videos will capture the attention of large numbers of viewers. The democratization of content is in full swing.


However, the big advantages for Team One and our clients include the ability to create more content, test out ideas, and respond quickly to events in the real world.


Look for GoPro videos from us in the near future. And, if you’re itching to try one out for yourself just head over to The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch and rent one. (Couldn’t resist plugging one of our clients.)